60cc GR-3



Estimated delivery by: 19/06/2024


The IAME GR-3 is the brand new project developed by IAME to compete in the FIA Karting Mini class.

This exceptional power unit combines the decennial experience achieved by IAME in this specific category of the Sport of Karting with the latest technology derived from the World Champions Reedster V engines. The result is a totally new design, outputting unbelievable performance. Better cooling than ever before, impressive power out of the box, exciting looking, high-end components, finest machining.

The GR-3 is the new benchmark to defeat and it’s here to raise the champions of the future.


model: GR-3 040/EM/12
description: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
class: Fia Karting Mini
bore:  Ø 41,80mm
max-bore:  Ø 42,10mm
stroke:  43,00mm
displacement:  59,00cc
ports: 2
inlet-system: Piston Port
lubrication: Oil mixture
ignition-system: Digital with adjustable advance – FIA Karting Homologated
transmission: Centrifugal dry clutch
cooling-system: Air cooled
starter: Electric Start
carb-model: Dell’Orto PHBG18 BS – FIA Karting Homologated
max-rpm-limit: 14.000RPM


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